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What is UCR and do I need it?

What is UCR and do I need it?

What is UCR?

UCR stands for Unified Carrier Registration. It is a federally mandated program for interstate operators of commercial vehicles. In simple terms, it is a registration requirement for all trucking companies conducting interstate business. If you have an MC number, you need to register. Registration fees are based on the number of commercial motor vehicles you operate.

The UCR is a federal law in the UCR Act, enacted in August 2005. The fees that motor carriers pay are used to fund the safety programs of the participating states.

Do I need to register for UCR?

If you are a carrier transporting cargo over state lines, the answer is yes; you do need to register for UCR each year. Brokers and freight forwarders are also required to be UCR compliant. If you fail to register for and pay the UCR fee, you could face fines and penalties. The fees could range from $100 to $5000.

Some states do not participate in Unified Carrier Registration. These are Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia. If you are a carrier in one of these states, you still need to register.

When do I need to register for UCR?

Registration and payment is required each year. You have until December 31st of the current year to register for the following year. For example, the 2022 registration due date is December 31st, 2021.

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