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IFTA Application

Apply for your IFTA License

If you have a truck with gross weight above 26,000 pounds, you must have an IFTA license.

We offer quick, reliable, and affordable service for IFTA Application. To apply for an IFTA license you should already have a DOT and MC number. If you need to apply for your DOT/MC number and authority, click here to get started. We will apply for an IFTA license with your state’s governing body. Once the application is approved, you’ll receive IFTA decals that need to be on each truck.

What we offer:

  • IFTA License Application and decals
  • Kentucky KYU application
  • New York HUT application
  • New Mexico WDT application

Our application fee is $50 for an IFTA license

Fill out the form below to get started

Additional $20 fee applies for each application